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Student Corner

Welcome to the Student Corner - Home of recent news from our studio and valuable resources for students of all ages! Find more great resources on Dr. Drew's Facebook Page.

Student News

Fall 2018 Studio Audition Results

Justin Drew Horn Studio Fall 2018 Audition Results


Montgomery County Junior Honors Band (Grades 7-9)

Sarah Dahlin – Poolesville HS
Ariadne Dimitoglou – Churchill HS
Reece Emery – Cabin John MS
Jocelyn H. – Blair HS
Eric O. – Cabin John MS
Shisui Torii – Westland MS
Studio Participation (10 students total auditioned)


Maryland Allstate Junior Band (Grades 7-9)

Sarah Dahlin – Poolesville HS
Eric Oh – Cabin John MS
Alternates – Jocelyn Hao, Taylor Bowen Studio Participation (9 students total auditioned)


Montgomery County Senior Honors Band (Grades 10-12)

Nick Cook – Whitman HS
Giovanna Eichner – Churchill HS
Aya Hatashima – Churchill HS
Alyssa Herman – Wooton HS
Studio Participation (8 students total auditioned)


Maryland Allstate Senior Band (Grades 10-12)

Graham Lovely – Dematha HS (Former studio member) Liam McConologue – Roosevelt HS
Alyssa Herman – Wooton HS
Gio Eichner – Churchill HS

Maryland Allstate Senior Orchestra (Grades 10-12)

Keegan McCardell – Centennial HS
Studio Participation (6 students total auditioned)

National Association for Music Educators All Eastern Band

Liam McConologue – Roosevelt HS Keegan McCardell – Centennial HS


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Student Resources

This is a fantastic tool for expanding breathing capacity, as well as a tool to work on inhale and exhale resistance. 

Often referred to as the “incriminator.” It is one of the greatest tools in exposing inefficiency in the buzz stream...a must have for all students!

Another great tool for students and professionals alike. It helps you develop proper breath support by blowing into resistance, letting you buzz your mouthpiece while you hold your instrument in the regular playing position.  

With many students owning smart phones the days of excuses are over when it comes to owning a metronome! Choose from the free app or the $2.99 version. Both include almost any speed with many possible subdivisions.

Peterson Strobe Tuners are an incredibly valuable source to measure intonation, breath control and support with very high accuracy. It can be downloaded for Android or Apple iOS.

Used by respiratory patients to monitor breathing capacity, but when turned upside down it is an invaluable tool to visually evaluate a student's airflow!  Can be modified for use in conjunction with the mouthpiece.

A summer seminar held in Baltimore, MD focused on taking Auditions through Masterclasses, Lectures, Sectionals, Mock Auditions and Lessons with Faculty Karl Pituch of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Denise Tryon of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Must be at least 18 to apply.

By Steven and Michael Blutman. The two books I use, Festival Sight Reading and Rhythm Builders, are incredibly useful tools to improve music reading skills at any level, beginner to professional.

Created by Daren Robbins. This is a collection of horn excerpts presented as they appear in the original parts and performed in context by various orchestras.

A Collection of Articles on Horn History, Horn Playing, and Other Middle Brass by John Q. Ericson, Professor of Horn at Arizona State University.

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